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Grab a friend, put on your dancing shoes, and get ready for an awesome time! You're going to be surrounded by happy people and tunes that set your toes to bouncing, your face to grinning, and your heart to pattering an Irish jig. Come to a céilí (an Irish party) to listen to live music, laugh with friends, and make new friends. Don't know how to dance, at least not Irish? No problem! Arrive in time for the lesson, and you'll be jigging soon. It's all about having fun in a relaxed atmosphere. Join us!

Céilí Schedule

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    New venue TBD.
    Do you have a suggestion? Get in touch via the email below!

  • Music played by local traditional musicians during the céilí. Classes use recorded music.
  • Dances called by Michael & Susan Harrison.
  • Cost: $10, $8 for SCMA members, $5 for full time students. Includes the class and céilí.
  • Older children and teens who are genuinely interested and able to dance with adults may attend with a parent or guardian.
  • Sponsored by the Southwest Celtic Music Association.

Wondering what these dances are really like? Here's a quick FAQ:

  • This isn't Riverdance! It's social dancing in groups for fun. You'll dance with a partner, but you don't have to bring one. You're likely to dance with different partners anyway, at least briefly.
  • The event is called a céilí (KAY-lee). We normally do Irish social dances, although the occasional Scottish is welcome too.
  • Many of our dances are also called céilí dances. (The event is a céilí and some of the stuff you do is also called céilí - but not all of it? Yep, that's right.)
    We also do Irish Set Dancing and some 2-hand dances. Set dances are cousins to square dancing with optional fancy footwork (and no crinolines).
  • Wear shoes that can slide on the floor or at least don't grab. Leather soles are ideal but not required.
  • Here's a taste of Irish Set Dancing in Ireland. Whee! Don't worry if you're new; you can work up to this!
  • To get the flavor of the local events, check out this article by Brandon Jones, an SCMA volunteer.
For questions about these dances please send an email to

  To keep up with other Irish dancing events in the Dallas area, check out the Irish Dance Pages. For general Irish dance information see the Irish Dance Wiki. And for instructions for irish and other dances see DanceMinder.

See more pictures and video at the SCMA Ceili gallery


April 4, 2011


February 7, 2009

Around the house and mind the sculpture!

January 10, 2009

November 22, 2008

The 2008 holiday party ceili at the ArtCentre of Plano was a blast! Photos from this event appeared in the Feb-Mar 2009 issue of Set Dancing News too.

September 27, 2008

The 2008-2009 SCMA Celtic Ceili season kicked off at a terrific new venue, the ArtCentre in historic downtown Plano. It's a beautiful place to dance, with ever- changing art displays and a lovely wooden floor.

April 12, 2008

The second céilí of 2008 was another mix of new and experienced dancers and was lots of fun. Danced through several figures from the Ballingeary set, the High Cauled Cap, a few two hands and even tried on the Flowers of Edinburgh.

Dec. 7, 2006

Christmas Céilí at the Plaza Arts Center on the old downtown Carrollton square.

Feb. 11, 2006

Nov. 12, 2005

Oct. 15, 2005

Walls of Limerick Fairy Reel Walls of Limerick


SCMA Ceili article, Sept/Oct 2006 (pdf 76K)
SCMA Ceili article, Sept/Oct 2005 (pdf 380K)

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